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10 Moving Tips You Should Know

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Once you decide to move to a new place, do not rush to move. Think of the things and items you have to move. Because moving to a new house is a stressful experience. It is a complicated process, especially if you do not know how to pack your items properly. To avoid spending a lot of time moving to your new home, hire a reputable moving company to help you move.

Here are the best moving tips that you can use when moving to a new house.

1. Double Check Everything

It is easy to leave some items when you are moving out. So, check your closets, drawers, cabinets, and appliances before moving out. Double-check your bedroom closets, drawers, and all the kitchen cabinets. You may forget some items if you are not careful.

2. Reuse Old Boxes

It is easy to forget the old boxes. Put electronics and appliances in these old boxes. For example, cardboard boxes are great for carrying small appliances and most electronics. Because appliances and electronics fit perfectly in some of these boxes. Put, you already own these boxes. So, you will not spend more money on new boxes.

3. Ask Several Movers for Quotes

Do not rush to choose a moving company for relocation. Ask several moving companies for their quotes. Why? Because it helps you to compare their prices and services. Select an affordable moving company that inspects your belongings and items before sending their quotes. Make sure the moving company has proper license and insurance.

Also, check the reputation of the mover. The best movers not only have several years of experience, but they also have a good reputation. Select a mover that does not have a lot of complaints.

4. Take Photos

Once you hire a moving company, take photos of the items you want the moving company to transport. Valuable or fragile items can get damaged on the way. It is easy to file a claim when you have photos of these items. These photos can help you receive compensation. It is difficult to file a claim and get compensation without “before” photos.

5. Foam Pouches

Cover your bowls, plates, and glassware with simple foam pouches. Why? Because it takes time to cover these items with a plastic wrap. Plus, foam pouches hold everything in place. And they make it easier to pack your glassware, plates, and bowls. Also, they save a lot of time. And they protect your items.

6. Packing Heavy Items?

It is hard to pack heavy items. Some people place them in large boxes. Do not make this mistake. Put heavy items in small boxes. Why? Because it is easy to carry small boxes. And it prevents heavy items from breaking the box and falling out of the box.

7. Change Your Locks

Once you move into your new house, do not wait to rekey your new house. You do not know who has the keys to your new house. If possible, change all the locks in your new house. Hire a reputable locksmith to change the locks. Changing locks takes a few hours. So, do this immediately you move into your new house.

8. Hire Insured Moving Company

Insurance is important. Because some items get damaged or break when they are being transported. Unfortunately, some moving companies do not have insurance. And they do not compensate their clients. To avoid losing some of your items, hire an insured mover. Make sure their insurance certificate is valid.

9. Create a Schedule

To avoid getting overwhelmed, create a schedule. Create a plan and stick to it. You may have to do a lot of things before moving out of your old house. For example, you should defrost, towel dry, and clean the refrigerator. Do this a day before moving.

Additionally, book a reputable moving company a few weeks in advance. This is because most people love reputable movers. So, these movers get new clients regularly. If you wait until you are about to move, you might not find the top movers. Because they are already booked, you may be forced to hire an available moving company, which might not be the best one.

10. Packing Jewelry

Packing jewelry can be challenging. If you do not trust anyone with your jewelry, pack them yourself. And transport them in your car. Put your jewelry in egg cartons. Then, tape the cartons to make sure the jewelry does not fall out. If you have loose bracelets or necklaces, use toiler paper rolls to pack them.

You now know the best moving tips. Moving is not easy. It is hard. It is even harder for someone who is moving for the first time. If you are packing your items yourself, learn how to pack them properly. To avoid spending a lot of money on boxes alone, reuse old boxes. And hire a reputable mover to transport your items.