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Tips On Choosing The Right Long Distant Moving Company

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Most people find moving a challenging and tiring task. Usually, the longer the distance that you have to move the more difficult that task becomes. Very often, families will have a large collection of items that are very important to them, and they want those things to be moved and remain in good condition. Here at WatersDG2016.com we will take a look at tips on finding one of the best long distance movers.

Get Recommendations From Everyone You Know

When it comes to finding few of the right moving companies you should ask everyone you know. This is not a time to be shy. Ask colleagues, neighbors, friends, and even your boss. All of these people have a good chance of having moved in the past, and they may know a great moving company, or at the least, they may be able to tell you about the one you should avoid.

If people that you know don’t have a recommendation, then go online and find out what those who have left reviews say about the different companies you are considering. Read the good and the bad reviews to get an overall feeling of what you think about each company. Remember that the larger the company is, the more people that they deal with, which will mean that they are likely to have at least some bad reviews.

Having some bad reviews is not a reason to discard that moving company from your list. The important thing is if the majority of the reviewers leave a positive review and what the negative reviewers say about why they don’t like the company. As an example, there are some customers that will say that they were angry with the moving company because they wouldn’t do something that was not included in the contract.

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This is a clear indication that the customer wants something that they weren’t entitled to. If the bad review is covering something that was genuinely the company’s fault, then consider it closely but also consider it in balance with all the reviews including the right ones to make a final determination.

Screen The Company You’re Considering

Anyone can go out and buy a moving truck and a hand truck and hire a couple of guys to help but when it comes to moving your important things you want to know that you’re using a reputable company. Once you found a handful of best long distance moving companies that you’re considering, then you’ll want to look a little deeper to develop a short list. Check and see what if any reputation they have with the Better Business Bureau. If they’ve had complaints that have gone unaddressed than this is a red flag.

If on the other hand they had a complaint and it is shown that they quickly handled the situation and to the satisfaction of the customer, then this could be an indication to show that it’s a reputable company. You may want to check to see if it’s a member of the American Moving and Storage Association which has a set of standards that each member has agreed to abide by. This is a voluntary membership, and if a moving company is not a member it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not a reputable company, it’s just another way to ensure reputation.

Your Short List

Through all of your investigation, you should come up with a shortlist of three or four potential best long distance moving companies. When moving out of state, you should ask the company if they’re willing to give you a binding estimate which includes an addendum that guarantees the price will not exceed a certain amount. If the company attempts to give you an estimate without actually coming out and taking a look at your home and all the things that you have, you’re probably going to want to stay away from that company. What you want is an estimate that is going to be reasonably close to the final price and under the ideal situation they will guarantee that the estimate will not exceed a certain amount.

The Department of Transportation says in a report that you should expect to pay more than the estimate. The estimates are based on the distance that you’re moving and the total weight of the things that you’re moving. When someone is moving within the same state, the rules vary from state to state, but in some, such as California, the law requires that they give you a binding written estimate.

When you speak to each of the best movers on your short list find out how their estimates work and if there is any guarantee that if the amount goes over the estimate that it won’t go over a certain limit. Otherwise, you have no idea what you’re going to pay on the final bill.

Show The Company Everything That Needs To Be Moved

When the company comes to look over everything and give you an estimate, make sure you show him everything. Just like you don’t want surprises, neither does the company. It’s also a way to ensure that the estimate is going to be as close as possible to the final price. If you fail to show the company something that you’re moving, then you should expect for them to charge you more than they initially estimated.

Other things that you might want to bring to the attention of the moving company are any special conditions that may make the process more difficult and time-consuming. If you have stairs that make moving some of the upstairs furniture more difficult, or if you have an elevator or other conditions that might make it more difficult, you want to point this out to the person doing the estimate. There’s no point in hiding it because once they come to do the job, they’re going to find out anyway so show him now so that estimate can be correct.

While the person doing the estimate is there, make sure that you ask them any and all questions that you have about the company. The more that you know, the easier it is for you to make the final decision on which company is the one that is right for you. Taking this time to do this initial footwork will help you to better achieve a final result.