11 Effective Moving Tips For Your Next Relocation

Moving can be a daunting task, but with proper organization, planning, and hiring the right company, you can tackle it with ease. Each move is different, and like almost everything else, proper preparation is critical. Here are 11 effective moving tips from Waters DG Long Distance Moving to ensure the best experience.

1. Declutter

If you want to ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible, you need to make sure that you get rid of everything you don’t need. If you have fewer items to be moved, the easier it will be to move them. Donate, sell, or dispose of anything that you don’t need.

2. Gather Moving Supplies

A few weeks before the move, you should pick the moving supplies you need. Boxes of varying sizes, labels, markers, packing tape, bubble wrap, and markers are just some of the moving supplies that should be at the top of your list.

3. Label Everything

You need to label everything that you pack as well as the room the box should go in the new house. Doing this will save you a lot of headaches when you are searching for various necessities such as cutlery in the new house.

4. Packing

packing boxes image
Packing should be done at least 2 weeks before the move. Pack up anything that is not currently in use such as extra kitchen items, dishes, holiday d├ęcor, out of season clothes, etc. If you do this, your packing will be much easier once the time for the move draws closer.

5. Update Your Address

You might be surprised to learn that people often forget this seemingly obvious moving task. It is advisable to start with organizations such as your bank, your doctor, dentist, etc., at least 2 weeks before the move. You can even divert any mail going to the old address for a small fee.

6. Hiring a Cleaning Company

You should consider hiring a cleaning company to get the new house ready for you and to clean your old house once you move. If you do this, you will take some burden off your plate. The peace of mind you will enjoy by doing this will save you a lot.

7. Hire Furniture

Hiring furniture might seem a bit unconventional, but you will be moving into a new house and may not be aware of the kind of things you will need there. You may wish to live in the new house for a while to get a sense of the things you will need. Hiring furniture can save you time and money while you figure out what you need in the long term.

8. Packing the Last Out Box

You should pack all the things you require such as medications, spare clothes, pillows, soap, shampoo, etc. into a box that you can easily access when you move and stays with you at all times.

9. Direct Your Movers

On the day of the move, direct the movers, friends, or even family members on where to take the boxes at the new house. You should have them take furniture pieces and boxes to their respective rooms to allow for easier unpacking.

10. Check the New House

Once you get to the new house, check whether everything (A/C, water, toilets, smoke detectors, furnace, water heater, etc.) is in proper working condition. Doing this ensures that you can get a professional to come over to the new house to fix those things quickly to ensure that you don’t get inconvenienced once the move is complete.

11. Unpack

When unpacking, you should start with essential items to get settled. Clothes, bedroom items, bathroom items, and kitchen items should be at the top of your list. Once you have done these things, you can start focusing on the rest. Ensure that you get rid of everything you find that you don’t need that might have been missed during the initial purge.

The Bottom Line

Moving time is hardly the easiest of times, but if you follow the advice and tips discussed here, you can be sure that your move will be smooth. You should not forget to hire a reputable moving company to ensure that your belongings are not damaged or lost during the move.

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